Silk Screen has showcased traditional and modern dances from Turkey, China, India, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, etc. The performances are in-line with our mission to increase awareness and support of Silk Screen’s cultural programming of Asia.


Silk Screen Dance Programs

The dance programs are performed by dancers from various Pittsburgh troupes and community groups around Pittsburgh (both Asian and non-Asian). Silk Screen dancers have performed at events such as First Night Pittsburgh, India Independence Day, Silk Screen Opening Night, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and more.

We partner with the following local dance groups:

Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh (FAAP)
The FAAP is a strong and dynamic organization, whose mission is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the Filipino heritage. They perform traditional Filipino dance.

Ruby Jain
Ruby Jain has always had a passion for dance.  She has studied and performed various types of Indian dance including Kathak, Bhangra, Garba, and Bollywood.  In addition to presenting dance pieces, Ruby frequently teaches basic moves in an interactive audience participation element to her performances.

Jemeena Bellydance
Known for her joyful performances that come from the heart, Jemeena is a respected performer, instructor, choreographer and event producer who strives to bring community and accurate cultural representation to her dance. Jemeena brings elegance and excitement to events and is frequently requested to perform at weddings, festivals and public events.

Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA)  
The mission of OCA is to promote and educate Chinese culture in the community. Chiapih Shaw has been actively involved in teaching and promoting Chinese cultural and dances in Pittsburgh area for more than 20 years. Members have received free dance lessons through OCA outreach program benefits.

Tadashi Kato
Tadashi, a native of Japan, has studied Japanese sword dance, jazz, and other styles of arts. Tadashi presents originally-choreographed sword dances, integrating Japanese traditional martial arts and jazz dance, accompanied by Japanese taiko drums.

Win-Win Fu Cultural Center
The Win-Win Kung Fu Cultural Center strives to promote authentic Chinese martial arts in the United States. Masters of the center born and trained in China are the main teaching force in the center to offer traditional Kung Fu, contemporary Wushu and Tai Chi classes.

Yanlai Dance School
Yanlai Dance School (formerly Oriental Star Dance School) is a professional dance school teaching a unique range of dance including fundamentals of Ballet, Tap, Jazz as well as traditional folk and classical Chinese dance. They perform a colorful selection of Chinese music and dance.