Season Six – 2011

The Lady   (Opening Night)The Lady

2011 / France, UK / Dir. Besson / 132 minutes
From director Luc Besson, The Lady is an inspirational biopic of Myanmar’s (Burma) pro-democracy activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi. The film follows her triumphs, struggles and the love story with her husband, writer Michael Aris.

Trishna    (Closing Night)        

2011 / UK / Dir. Michael Winterbottom/ 117 minutes
[Advisory: Sexual content and violence]
In this tragic drama starring Slumdog Millonare’s Freida Pinto, director Michael Winterbottom reimagines Thomas Hardy’s classic novel Tess of the d’Urbervilles in contemporary India. Through the fragile heroine, the cruelties of sexual double-standards are exposed.

Sunny (Festival Finale and Party)

2010 / South Korea / Dir. Hyeong-Cheol Kang/ 124 minutes
[Advisory: Strong language and violence]
Like a South Korean version of Now and Then, Sunny flows through the past and present of seven women that recall and relive their high school glory days. Na-Mi works to reunite the members of her high school girl gang, “Sunny,” before the death of her friend Choon-Hwa.


2011/Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany/Director: Veit Helmer/95 min.
A cross-cultural sleeping beauty tale with a twist, Baikonur is framed by the Kazakh proverb “Whatever falls from Heaven, you may keep.”  So when a young radio operator named Iskander finds a beautiful French astronaut has fallen to the steppes from the Russian space station, Baikonur, he decides to claim her as his bride.


2010/India, Mali, Netherlands/Director: Sander Francken/72 min.
Driven by his curiosity in other cultures and the mysteries of human nature, director Sander Francken delivers a captivating trilogy of folk tales. Each story is based on a folk song from a non-Western culture and shows that it is old wisdom which unites people.

The Beetle Soldiers

Film Screening Sponsored by UPMC, Dignity  & Respect Campaign of Greater Pittsburgh
2011/Indonesia/Director: Ari Sihasale/106 min.
A powerful and uplifting tale for young and old alike, The Beetle Soldiers, captures a child’s struggle to follow his dreams amidst a world of adversity. The film follows the young Amek who struggles at school and is bullied for his cleft-lip, yet has big ambitions to one day race his horse.

Buddha Mountain

2010/China/Diretor: Yu Li/104 min.
[Advisory: Adult Language]
In this coming of age story, three twenty-something friends in China are forced to leave their apartment only to find themselves homeless. A trip to a mountaintop Buddhist temple and an encounter with a retired opera singer named Madam Chang renews their outlook on life.

Chronicle of my Mother

2011/Japan/Director: Masato Harada/108 min.
[Advisory:  ]
Directed by Masato Harada, Chronicle of my Mother, reflects the relationship between a man and his mother, whose health and mind are slowly fading. This heartfelt film comments on family roles in Japanese society while bringing together generations and rejoicing in the relationship between parents and their children.

Dekh Indian Circus

2011/India/Director: Mangesh Hadawale/101 min.
In this comedic satire, a group of young children in the rural deserts of Rajasthan want nothing more than to visit the circus. But without a rupee to spare, the children must find a way to get to the circus on their own. Their aspirations and heartbreaks provide a metaphor of corruption in India’s government and economy.

Delhi in a Day

2011/India/Director: Prashant Nair/88 min.
When Jasper, an idealistic British traveler, loses his wallet with all of his life savings while staying in a South Delhi mansion, he inadvertently causes chaos between the home and its servants. The sticky situation turns into comedic tale while also shedding light on stereotypes and class differences in modern Delhi.


2011/Indonesia/Director: Adilla Dimitri/100 min.
[Advisory: Sexual Content and violence]
A dark underworld of cops and criminals lies beneath the city of Jakarta, although no one knows, or wants to admit, the immensity of its vices. Through 5 short stories, Dilema brings to light Indonesia’s social problems of corruption, radicalism and gambling, and blurs the lines between good and evil.

The Front Line

2011/South Korea/Director: Hun Jang/133 min.
[Advisory: Violence]
In Panmunjeon, Korea 1953, the dramatic Korean War has finally reached an armistice. Only a single hill remains up for debate. The war is over, but one battle still continues. Hours before the official agreement is to be signed, one last attack is launched. Both North and South must fight to the death to control where the borders of the two countries will lay forever.

Good Night, Good Morning

2010/India, USA/Director: Sudhish Kamath/88 min.
[Advisory: ]
A boy, a girl, and a telephone: Good Night, Good Morning is a recipe for good old-fashioned romance. After a wild night of partying with the guys, Turiya gathers the courage to call the room of Moria, a girl he met briefly at the hotel bar. Paralleled on a split-screen in black and white, the ordinary conversation is transformed into a dream-like experience.


2010/Philippines/Director: Sheron R. Dayoc/78 mins.
[Advisory: ]
Halaw delves into the human trafficking operation between the seas of the South Philippines and Malaysia. Based on real life stories, the film chronicles the hardships of passengers who take the perilous crossing with hope for a better life amidst a world of uncertainty.

I am a Ghost

2012/USA/Director: HP Mendoza/74 min.
[Advisory: Violence]
Something seems to be haunting the girl living alone in a giant Victorian mansion, who monotonously repeats the motions of her daily life in strange ways. In a spooky twist, the girl learns from an unseen medium that the real ghost haunting the mansion is herself.

Lovely Man

2011/Indonesia/Director: Teddy Soeriaatmadja/76 min.
[Advisory: Sexual Content and violence]
When a 19-year-old devout Muslim girl goes searching her long lost father, she finds he is no longer the kind hearted man she remembers – instead, he is a woman in a red sequined dress and heels, working as a prostitute on the streets. In this dark and compelling drama, the two must learn how to forgive and understand each other.


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[pre film reception by invitation only]
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2011/Iran/Director: Morteza Farshbaf/85 min.
Amidst a fight, Arshia’s parents flee into the night, leaving him behind in the care of his hearing impaired aunt and uncle. Using the sign language between the two as a narrative technique, the film builds suspense and dramatically relays the complex truth about Arshia’s parents.


Melwood Screening Room

Centerpiece Selection
Film Screening Sponsored by UPMC Health Plan
[Pre film reception by invitation only]
2011/India/Director: Prashant Bhargava/93 min.
“The storytelling is effortlessly made part of the hypnotically beautiful visuals, and woven into a kaleidoscope of colors, faces,music and a little romance. Bhargava is masterful in the way he allows his story to emerge from his mosaic, instead of spelling it out by thenumbers. Evokes the old and new Indias side by side as well as I’ve seen done.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times
A Delhi businessman travels with his daughter to his childhood home in Ahmadabad to show her India’s largest kite festival. The return forces him to confront his past and mend broken relationships. Through a kaleidoscope of color, music and food, Patang is a story of renewal that captures the vibrant spirit of India.

Pearls of the Far East

2011/Vietnam, Canada/Director: Cuong Ngo/103 min.
[Advisory: Adult Language & Sexual Content ]
In his feature film debut, Vietnamese director Cuong Ngo captures the complexity of love from childhood to old age. Seven short chapters reflect moments of innocence, desire and heartbreak in the lives of different women.


2011/Israel/Director: Nadav Lapid/105 min.
[Advisory: Sexual Content and violence]
Chaos ensues when expecting father Yaron, an officer in an elite Israeli anti-terrorist unit, is faced with a hostage situation created by a group of young radicals plotting to bring class equality to Israel. The encounter forces him to face the realities of class war and confront his own internal battles.


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2010/ Germany, Iraq/ Dir. Oday Rasheed/ 90 minutes
[Advisory: Violence]
A shattered family in modern-day Baghdad lives in a state of baited breath while a mysterious hit man lives in the room above their house. From Director Oday Rasheed, Qarantina follows a family in tragic circumstances and what happens when they reach the tipping point.


2011/India/Director: Sujay Dahake/105 min.
[Advisory: Sexual Content and violence]
Shala, meaning “school,” follows four rambunctious ninth grade boys looking for answers about learning, life and love. Set against the backdrop of the 1970s Indian Emergency, the youth try to make sense of the turbulent political climate while also dealing with puppy love and growing pains.

Toll Booth

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2010/Turkey/Director: Tolga Karacelik/96 min.
[Advisory:  Adult Themes]
Toll booth worker Kenan is a “robot” according to his coworkers and at home, his aging father ridicules his every action. Mentally drained from the monotony and criticism, Kenan starts to lose his connections to reality. With the perfect blend of beauty, self-deprecation and intelligence, Toll Booth, tells the story of an automated man about to explode

War of the Arrows

2011 / South Korea / Dir. Han-min Kim / 122 minutes
[Advisory:  Violence]
Set during the Manchu War of 1636 in Korea, this trilling action film follows a brother’s courage and dedication to his sister as he fends off an invading army with nothing more than his wit and a bow and arrow. With its expansive cinematography and dynamic score, the action-packed film will be sure to pierce hearts and capture the indomitable spirit of Korea.

Woman in the Septic Tank

2011/Philippines/Director: Marlon Rivera/87 min.
[Advisory: Adult Themes]
Three independent filmmakers believe that they have what it takes to make an Academy Award winning film about poverty in the Philippines. Reminiscent of “Groundhog Day,” the film hilariously follows various repetitions on the same scene, revealing the real motives of the misguided filmmakers.



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Films in foreign languages have English subtitles.


Regent Square Theater: May 12 @ 7:00PM & May 14 @ 1:30PM
2010/China/Director: Xiaogang Feng/135 min.
Cast: Jingchu Zhang, Daoming Chen, Yi Lu, Chen Li (Language: Mandarin)
Festivals and Awards: Asia Pacific Screen Award (Best Performance by an Actor & Best Film)
China’s 2011 entry for the Academy Awards, Aftershock, is a emblematic recreation of the disaster that killed over 240,000 in China. In the wake of the 1976 earthquake in Tangshan, a young mother, Li Yuanni, is faced with the gravest decision imaginable. Her 7-year-old twins are buried beneath the rubble and only one can be saved. The symbolic reverberations of the tragedy are enduring and continue long after the happening for Li when she discovers the true outcome of her daughter’s fate.


Regent Square Theater: May 11 @ 9:00PM & May 15 @ 5:30PM
2010/India & USA/Director: Ajay Naidu/77 min
Cast: Firdous Bamji, Heather Burns, Maurice Carr, Samrat Chakrabarti (Language: English)
In Ajay Naidu’s directorial debut, he tells the story of Ashes, a young Indo-American living in New York. WIth monetary pressures to take care of his mentally ill brother, Ashes gets involved with a small gang to pursue an easy path to wealth. As his brother’s condition steadily worsens, Ashes approaches a life of hardcore crime. Which path should Ashes take? A story of Indian values.

Bambara Walalla

Harris Theater: May 7 @ 2:00 PM
Melwood Screening Room: May 14 @ 9:30PM
2009/Sri Lanka/Director: Athula Liyanage/108 min.
Cast: Damitha Abeyratne, Neeta Fernando, Athula Liyanage, Mahendra Perera
Language: Shanghainese/ Sinhala
Festivals and Awards: Special Jury’s REMI Awards for Best Cinematography, and Best Direction
A tragic rendering of irreconcilable wrongs, Bambara Walalla follows newly freed Podi Eka, released after 17 years in prison, on his journey to regain a semblance of normalcy and meaning in his tattered reality. Hindered by his lack of education, Podi struggles alone until meeting Mal, a coffin maker with similar problems and vigor for life. In this new companionship Podi embarks on a journey to find love and learn the significance of courage and responsibility as he picks up the pieces.

Dear Doctor

Harris Theater: May 7 @ 7:00PM
Melwood Screening Room: May 15 @ 2:00PM
2009/Japan/Director: Miwa Nishikawa/127 min
Cast: Tsurube Shofukutei, Eita, Teruyuki Kagawa, Haruka Igawa (Language: Japanese)
Festivals and Awards: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor; Award of the Japanese Academy; Best Film, Kinema Junpo Academy; Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Actor; Yokohama Film Festival.
Medical student Keisuke Soma arrives to complete his internship in a deceptively quaint, picturesque village where nothing and no one is as simple as one would assume. As Soma learns his way around the village and acquaints himself with the village’s beloved doctor, secrets are revealed, characters are re-examined, and the truth is far more complicated and ambiguous than would seem to befit the idyllic setting.

Do Dooni Charr

Melwood Screening Room: May 9 @ 8:30PM & May 14 @ 1:30PM
2010/India/Director: Habib Faisal/120 min
Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Archit Krishna, Aditi Vasudev, Akhilendra Mishra
Legendary screen team of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh return in this delightful slice of life tale of family life. The Duggals are an eccentric and loving, but economically challenged, middle class Dehli family. Father Santosh, (Kapoor) manages to provide a comfortable life for his family on his paltry schoolteacher salary. Long resigned to live simply, the Duggals are at once presented with material possibilities and temptations never before imagined. Do Dooni Chaar, often hilarious and always heartwarming, is a gentle satire of consumerism and materialistic values that pervade much of modern India today.

Dog Sweat

Regent Square Theater: May 7 @ 3:00 PM & May 13 9:30PM
2010/Iran/Director: Hossein Keshavarz/90 min.
Cast: Ahmad Akbarzadeh, Tahereh Esfahani, Bagher Forohar, Shahrokh Taslimi
Language: Persian, English Subtitles
Nominated for Independent Spirit Award (Somone to Watch Award)
Hossein Keshavarz’s, Dog Sweat gives us a glimpse of six characters who struggle to find their place in contemporary Iranian society. Throughout the film, the characters have direct encounters with tragedy, sexual frustrations, discrimination, and more as they attempt to balance their personal lives with the social norms of the Western Culture. Dog Sweat has a unique and natural style as it follows six unconnected characters who are really not so different.


Harris Theater: May 8 @ 3:00PM
Melwood Screening Room: May 11 @ 7:00PM
2010/China/Director: Lu Zhang/90 min.
Cast: Jian Cui, Lan Yin, Jin-Long Lin, Xuansheng Jin (Language: Korean)
Festivals and Awards: Crystal Bear – Special Mention (Best Film)
Through the eyes of 12-year-old Chang-ho, we see the culmination of political unrest along the icy river that separates China and North Korea. Chang-ho’s friendship with Korean escapee, Li Jinglin develops over the boys’ shared love of soccer and sheds light on the dark tension brewing between famine-stricken refugees and the receiving border village.
“Dooman River is co-presented by the Global Film Initiative and is part of the Global Lens 2011 film series. For more information, visit”

I Am- opening night selection

Harris Theater: May 6th @ 7:00PM OPENING NIGHT FILM
2010/India/Director: Onir/95 minutes
Cast: Juhi Chawla, Manisha Koirala, Rahul Bose, Nandita Das, Sanjay Suri, Purab Kohli
Language: English and Hindi with subtitles
Festivals and Awards: Silver Lion (Best Director), UNICEF Award. Official Selection/Opening Film:
Winner of I-VIEW 2010s Engendered Award for Outstanding Contribution. Official Selection: Vancouver
International Film Festival (Canadian Premier) Oct. 2010
[Film Contains Sexual Content]
“I Am” is about people with fractured lives held together by unbroken dreams. Indian auteur, Onir, once again shatters clichés and pushes boundaries in I Am. I Am’s narrative is multilayered and visually arresting. I Am is a meditation on darker often unexplored themes in Indian society: child abuse, criminalization of homosexuality, single motherhood and the ever looming issue in the Kashmir.

Iti Mrinalini

Melwood Screening Room: May 12 8:00PM & May 15 4:30PM
2010/India/Director: Aparna Sen/128 minutes
Cast: Konkona Sen Sharma, Aparna Sen, Rajat Kapoor, Priyanshu Chatterjee
Language: Bengali
Festivals and Awards: U.S. premiere at 9th Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles
Aparna Sen directs and stars in Iti Mrinalini, a powerful portrait of an aging actress on the brink of suicide. In a last ditch effort to prevent the press from exploiting her personal life, Mrinalini attempts to destroy all of her possessions, churning up forgotten memories in the process. Loosely based on the occurrences of Sen’s own life as an actress, we see Mrinalini’s rise to stardom, intimate trials, and public struggles within the Bengali film industry in the 70s.

Living in seduced circumstances

Regent Square: May 9 @ 9:00PM & May 14 @ 9:00PM
2011/USA/Director: Ian Gamazon/72 min.
Cast: Long Nguyen, Quynn Ton (Language: Vietnamese)
[Film Contains Violent Content]
A dark reverie of vengeance and terror, Ian Gamazon’s “Living in Seduced Circumstances” is an eerie thriller with an unlikely villain. Mr. Thanh (Long Nguyen) finds himself gagged, bloodied, and bound to a wheelchair by 8-months-pregnant Mihn (Quynn Ton). Through playful manipulation of time and dreamlike photography we see that Mihn’s torturous acts are not product of a homicidal psychosis, rather a calculated revenge.

Saigon Electric

Saigon Electric

Melwood Screening Room: May 9 @ 6:00PM & May 13 @ 8:30PM
2011/Vietnam/Director: Stephane Gauger/106 min.
Cast: Van Trang, Quynh Hoa, Khoung Ngoc, Elly Nguyen
Language: Vietnamese, English Subtitles
Focusing on the struggles of young adults in modern Vietnam, Saigon Electric tells the story of Mai, a ribbon dancer from the countryside who moves to Saigon in hopes of attending a prestigious dance academy. However, when she doesn’t get in, she befriends Kim, a local hip-hop dancer with the Saigon Fresh crew. Mai soon gets involved with the crew as they prepare for the largest hip-hop competition in South Korea to battle the North Killaz. However, the North Killaz aren’t the only thing standing in Saigon Fresh’s way.

SF Stories

Regent Square Theater: May 8 @ 4:30 PM, May 11 @ 6:30PM & May 14 6:30PM
2010/USA/Director: Raul Jocson/112 min
Cast: Michael Cheng, Tiffany Yoshida, Michael Xiang, Josh Pollock (Language: English)
Festivals and Awards: Winner Best Screenplay LA Asian Pacific Film Festival 2010; Winner Best Narrative Feature Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 2010
No matter the city and no matter size, strange and separate lives meet and intersect in inexplicable ways. While there is the potential for love, fate can only do so much. Pittsburgh native Raul Jocson makes his impressive directorial debut with nine intricately interwoven tales, ripe with humor and intelligence as he takes us on a ride through the hills of a local’s melancholic San Francisco and into the fated love story of Michael and Wendy. Brought together by fortune, their own separate neuroses continually threaten to break them apart.

The break-up club

Melwood Screening Room: May 8 @ 4:30PM, May 14 @ 4:00PM
2010/Hong Kong/Director: Barbara Wong Chun-Chun/115 min
Cast: Jaycee Chan, Fiona Sit (Language: Cantonese)
After meeting with a documentary filmmaker, Joe is given a camera to capture the existence of, “The Break Up Club,” a website that promises to reunite him with his girlfriend…as long as he breaks up the relationship of someone close to him. Blurring the line between fantasy and reality, Joe’s story brings him face to face with the pains, complexities and insatiable energy that come with being madly in love for the first time.

The Knot

Regent Square Theater: May 7 @ 7:30PM & May 15 @ 3:30PM
2010/Japan/Director: Yuichi Onuma/91 min
Cast: Muck Akazawa, Junichi Kawamoto, So Hirosawa (Language: Japanese)
[Film Contains Sexual Content]
Fiery and intrepid, Yoichi Onuma’s “The Knot” is a chronicle of first love reconnected through forbidden circumstances. Newlywed Ayako slips into married life with quiet resilience, suppressing her longing for the explicit ventures of her youth. After returning to her husband’s hometown to take care of her ailing father-in-law, a chance meeting with a man of her past forces Ayako to confront her choices and question her faithfulness in this bittersweet love story.

The Light Thief

lightning thief

Harris Theater: May 8 @ 7:30PM
Melwood Screening Room: May 12 @ 6:00PM
2010/Kyrgyzstan/ Director: Aktan Arym Kubat/80 min
Cast: Aktan Arym Kubat, Taalaikan Abazova, Askat Sulaimanov, Asan Amanov
Language: Kyrgyz
Festivals and Awards: Cannes Directors' Fortnight 2010 & Locarno International Film Festival 2010
Little-known Kyrgyzstan is at the forefront of this beautiful and poetic story of an electrician in a remote, impoverished village in the Kyrgyz Mountains. The flame that lights the homes and souls of his small home, Mr. Light brings warmth and clarity to the lives of the villagers. But, when corruption comes knocking, progress may come at the cost of centuries of tradition.
“The Light Thief is co-presented by the Global Film Initiative and is part of the Global Lens 2011 film series. For more information, visit”

The Piano in a factory

Harris Theater: May 8 @ 5:00PM
Melwood Screening Room: May 13 @ 6:00PM
2010/China/Directors: Zhang Meng & Jae-young Kwak/105 min.
Cast: Wang Qian-Yuan, Hailu Qin (Language: Mandarin)
Festivals and Awards: Winner – Best Actor Award Tokyo Int’l Film Festival Official Selection – Toronto Int’l Film Festival, Rotterdam Int’l Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival, Cinemanila Int’l Film Festival.
An endearing ballad of devotion, “The Piano in a Factory” captures the moment that Chen (Wang Qian-yuan) finds that his estranged wife has returned after several years to take custody of their daughter. With the decision in his daughter’s hands, Chen begins a desperate and cunning scramble to provide her only wish — a piano.

The Tiger Factory

Regent Square Theater: May 7 @ 1:00PM & May 13 @ 2:30PM
2010/Japan & Malaysia/Director: Woo Ming Jin/84 min
Cast: Fooi Mun Lai, Pearlly Chua, Susan Lee, Rum Nun Chung (Language: Malay)
Festivals and Awards: Cannes Director’s Fortnight Section 2010
[Film Contains Sexual Content]
19-year-old Ping Ping is searching for an escape from her life in Malaysia and the control of her aunt and guardian, Madame Tien. Under the insistence of her aunt, Ping Ping works two exhausting jobs at a pig farm and in the kitchen of a restaurant, and is involved in Madame Tien’s baby racket. She endures the conditions of the racket that pairs immigrant workers with young girls, until a shocking truth about her aunt is revealed.

The White Meadows

Harris Theater: May 7 @ 5:00PM
Melwood Screening Room: May 11 @ 9:00PM
2009/Iran/Director: Mohammad Rasoulof/92 minutes
Cast: Hassan Pourshirazi, Younes Ghazali, Mohammad Rabbani, Mohammad Shirvani (Language: Farsi)
Festivals and Awards: Winner of 2009 Asia Africa Special Jury Prize and Muhr Asia Africa Award for Best Actor-Dubai International Film Festival/Nominated for Golden Shell Award-San Sebastian International Film Festival.
Rahmat is tasked with collecting the abundant tears of the islanders in Iran’s great saltwater Lake Urmia. Rahmat’s tale is part mythic and part parable for an ancient land whose sorrows are all too apparent and whose dreams and beauty drown within them. The White Meadows visual metaphors evoke themes of social control and the role of the outcast in a society. Stark, mesmerizing, and entrancing, Rasoulof’s fable works best as an eerie poetic feast for the eye.
“The White Meadows is co-presented by the Global Film Initiative and is part of the Global Lens 2011 film series. For more information, visit”

Three Veils

Regent Square Theater: May 7 @ 5:00PM, May 10 @ 9:30PM & May 13 @ 7:00PM
2010/USA/Director: Rolla Sebak/100 minutes
Cast: Sheetal Sheth, Angela Zahra and Mercedes Masöhn
Language: English and occasional Arabic with English subtitles
[Film Contains Sexual & Violent Content]
Rolla Sebak’s memorable and taboo shattering Three Veils recounts the distinct lives of three young American women of Middle Eastern descent as they struggle with identity, faith, and sexuality. Far from monolithic, each of their struggles is unique, yet brilliantly woven together in a tapestry of first generation immigrant experiences. Sebak’s gentle unveiling of the women’s connections leaves the viewer breathless.


Regent Square Theater: May 10 @ 6:00PM, May 14 @ 4:00PM
2010/India/Director: Vikramaditya Motwane/134 min
Cast: Ronit Roy, Ram Kapoor, Rajat Barmecha, Manjot Singh
Language: Hindi
Festivals and Awards: Cannes Un Certain Regard Nominee 2010
Borrowing a slice from everyone’s life, Udaan makes them into a first-hand account of a troubled teen facing a tyrant father, a step brother he never knew existed and the journey to free himself from a world that’s slowly suffocating him. Described as poignant, unsettling and disturbing, it is a brilliant take of an adolescent defying expectations and seeking out the passionate gems of life that are too often abandoned.

Wedding Palace

Regent Square Theater: May 8 @ 2:00PM, May 9 @ 7:00PM & May 13 @ 4:30PM
2010/USA & Korea/Director: Christine Yoo/93 Minutes
Cast: Brian Tee, Kang Hye-jung, Margaret Cho, Bobby Lee, Stephen Park
Language: English
Get married or die. Either way, there isn’t much time left for Jason Kim. The 29-year old advertising executive is struggling to overcome the terrible fate of an ancient family curse that threatens his very life if he is not married by his 30th birthday. A feel-good romantic comedy, it all takes off when the picture perfect girl, Jinnie Park, abandons Jason at the altar of the Wedding Palace.

Women Without Men

Melwood Screening Room: May 8 @ 2:30PM
Andy Warhol Museum: May 15 @ 7:00PM
Cast: Pegah Ferydoni, Arita Shahrzad, Shabnam Tolouei, Orsi Toth, Navid Akhavan, Bijan Daneshmand
Language: Farsi with English subtitles
Festivals and Awards: Winner, Silver Lion: Venice Film Festival
[Film Contains Sexual Content]
In the summer of 1953, the United States and Britain sponsored a coup of democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh. At this turbulent moment in history, we meet four Persian women. Each of them is a distinct representation of the prescribed roles of women in Iran. Their lives and stories are interwoven as they seek freedom and solitude. Renowned visual artist, Shirin Neshat, presents a visual feast and an emotional wallop from the very first sequence.

Zero Bridge

Regent Square Theater: May 8 @ 12:00PM, May 15 @ 1:00PM
2008/India & US/Director: Tariq Tapa/96 min
Cast: Mohamad Imran Tapa, Taniya Khan, Ali Mohommad Dar (Language: Urdu, subtitles in English)
Festivals and Awards: Best Film: Leeds International Film Festival and Hidden Gems Film Festival, Audience Award: Mumbai International Film Festival
Tariq Tapa’s, “Zero Bridge” is a hopeful portrayal of Diliwar, a 17-year-old masonry apprentice turned pick-pocket, anxious to leave his double life in Srinagar City, Kashmir. A chance encounter with one of his victims produces an unlikely friendship, but Diliwar’s crimes soon put both of their futures on the line.