The Silk Screen Music Program includes live performances of Asian and world music. Silk Screen has invited performers who share traditional and modern music with origins from Turkey, China, India, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines etc. The performances are in-line with our mission to increase awareness and support of Silk Screen’s cultural programming of Asia.

Music events with Silk Screen are performed by musicians from various national, international and local origins (Asian and Non-Asian). Best presentations include:

  • Silk Sound
  • Masyao Ishugure
  • Melody of Dragon
  • Min Xiao Fen
  • Indian Ocean
  • Suphala
  • Irshad Khan
  • AppalAsia

For more information about music performances please e-mail us or call 724-969-2565.

Mimi Jong often performs at Silk Screen events. Mimi has been performing erhu since age eleven.


Mimi founded “Jasmine Dynasty”, introducing Chinese dance and music to schools in Western Pennsylvania. She co-founded “AppalAsia”, creating a unique musical voice using erhu, dulcimer, banjo. ApalAsia with Mimi Jong [Erhu], Jeff Berman [Dulcimer] and Sue Powers [ banjo] perform familiar American pieces blended with Eastern Sounds and tunes which they wrote together!