Touch Of The Light

Show times and dates: Mon 4/28, 7:00pm @ Melwood, Thurs 5/1, 1:30pm @ Carnegie-The short film Cheong will be shown as part of this screening.
Director: Rong-ji Chang
Country: Taiwan
Film Made: 2012
Film Screened: 2014
Runtime: 110 minutes

Touch of the LightTouch of the Light is based on a remarkable true story. Born visually impaired, Siang is a talented real-life pianist who has been accepted by a prestigious art college. Leaving his hometown for the first time, Siang arrives in Taipei to attend school. Although he lives in the dark, his heart is sensitive to the world around him. Siang instinctually grasps the deepest and subtlest emotions of those around him. For his own inner life, he expresses his passion, sorrow and dreams through his music- and its irresistible pull is felt by all of his audiences. Unlike his fellow students, Siang refuses to participate in any type of music competition. He knows how heartbreaking it is when people whisper that his success is due to judges’ sympathy.

Jie is a beautiful young girl who dreams of becoming a dancer. But the truth hurts. She works at a teashop to make a living because her family is broke and her mom is a shopaholic. Even worse, her boyfriend, a professional dancer, cares little about her and constantly goes out with other girls. Jie dreams of returning to dance, the only way in which she can live authentically. When Jie meets Siang, he becomes her sunshine and she becomes his eyes. On the journey towards dream, they find each other. Whether they succeed or not, they learn that their courage to try may be more valuable than their innate talents.

Based on blind pianist Huang Yu-Siang’s true story, this beautiful, life affirming film earned both commercial and critical success in Taiwan, as well as winning audience awards in Taipei and Busan film festivals. Impeccable performances are given throughout, especially by Huang Yu-Siang who stars himself in the film. Throughout, Siang’s soaring music is a reminder that courage and perseverance are indispensible to manifesting one’s dreams.