Liar’s Dice

Show times and dates: Sun, 4/27, 4:00 PM, @Regent Sq,  Wed, 4/30, 7:00 PM, @Regent Sq
Director: Geethu Mohandas
Country: India
Film Made: 2014
Film Screened: 2014
Runtime: 104 minutes

Liar's Dice

Fearing the worst, a dedicated wife from a rural village faces the horrible realization that her husband, Harud is missing and no one will help her find him.  Against the advice of her elders, Kamala and her daughter Manya (Manya Gupta) leave their home in search of a husband and a father that has not been heard from in five months. Fueling Kamala’s fears is the dodgy nature of the construction company that employed Harud.


As woman and child travelling alone, Kamala and Manya face both crime and the unforgiving forces of nature in their quest to find Harud. However, the two find an unlikely ally on the road in Nawazuddin, (Nawazuddin Siddiqui fresh off award-winning performances in Gangs of Wasseypur and The Lunchbox.) In Liar’s Dice, Nawazuddin is free-spirited nomadic wanderer that is initially reluctant to help Kamala and her daughter for anything more than a nominal fee. Yet, as the three journey together towards the city of Shimla in search of Harud, the walls constructed by both Kamala and Nawazuddin begin to come down, and the two are able to find strength on each other. Despite their newfound companionship, Nawazuddin’s past and his ambiguous personal motives, raise concerns. Their search for Harud begins to be unexpectedly threatened.


Bolstered by gripping performances by Geetanjali Thapa and rising industry star Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Liar’s Dice deconstructs the traditional road movie format and in its place provides the tension of a slow-build thriller. Having already established herself as a respected actress in Bollywood, Geethu Mohandas demonstrates formidable talent behind the camera in her directorial debut. Shot almost entirely on location in starkly contrasting urban and rural settings, Liar’s Dice is an arresting work that fearlessly examines the oft-overlooked issues of labor exploitation in contemporary India.



Liar’s Dice