Confession of Murder

Show times and dates: Wed 4/30, 8:00 PM @ Melwood, Fri 5/2, 9:30 PM @ Melwood
Director: Byeong-gil Jeong
Country: South Korea
Film Made: 2012
Film Screened: 2014
Runtime: 119 minutes

Confession of MurderA killer comes forth and a cold case starts heating up in Confession of Murder. A handsome young man, Lee Du-seok (Park Si-hoo) emerges from nowhere and publishes a revealing biography in which he admits to killing ten women in an infamous series of murders. The public is intrigued and repelled by Lee and his book. But law enforcement officials are helpless to prosecute him since the statute of limitations on the case has expired.


Lieutenant Choi (Jeong Jae-young) was tasked with stopping the killer during his original rampage, but his failure to capture him left him scarred. After hearing of Lee’s confession, Choi becomes torn between vengeance and duty. As he struggles to face the man who claims to be the grisly serial killer, Lieutenant Choi must battle himself just as much as he pushes back against Lee Du-seok. Meanwhile, other players enter the fray as well, including family members of the victims. Their own plots for revenge only complicate the situation surrounding Lee. And the purported killer has become a media superstar.


Yet as Lee is pressed for intimate details and questions arise.  Lt. Choi grows more suspicious about his true intentions.  The exhilarating action scenes are nearly matched in spectacle by the searing commentary on media sensationalism and society’s insatiable hunger for celebrity. While Confession of Murder is an exciting genre piece with a constantly twisting plot, it is as deceptively smart as it is entertaining.