Show times and dates: Sun 4/27, 2:00 PM @ Carnegie, Thurs 5/1, 6:00 PM @ Carnegie
Director: Leo Lee
Country: China
Film Made: 2013
Film Screened: 2014
Runtime: 80 minutes

BontaIn the animated sci-fi adventure, Bonta, the desert village of Boraboo on Peanut Planet faces hardship. They are being denied their most valued resource, the Bonta planet. Despite their efforts to find an acceptable solution to the problem, time begins to run short for them. Notorious mischief-maker Boca (Sarah Natochenny) claims have found the key to restoring the Bonta plants to their rightful place in Boraboo, but his past makes the village wary of his claims. Undeterred by public opinion, Boca travels to the legendary Bonta Grove with his friend Neebob (Jessica Paquet).


Snowy mountain peaks, floating asteroid belts, and arid sand dunes are just the beginning of the magical places the young friends discover on the Peanut Planet. Unexpectedly, they even encounter a diverse group of friends along the way. Matters are complicated when a greedy villain sends his minions after Boca and Neebob in order to take control of the Bonta Grove for himself.


There is no shortage of the fantastic in Bonta. The sci-fi aesthetic of the film’s production design is awe-inspiring. Gorgeous animation and highly realistic  three-dimensional rendering transport audiences to these extraordinary realms. Director Leo Lee skillfully unravels Boca’s tale of redemption in an entertaining manner. But, do not let the colorful sets and wacky characters fool you—this is more than merely a superficial children’s film. Tightly scripted and bursting at the seams with energy, Bonta pulls together all the best elements of fantasy storytelling in an adventure that is a joy to watch for audiences of all ages.