Beyond All Boundaries

Show times and dates: Each screening is paired with the short film Kush. Sun 4/27, 4:30 PM @ Melwood, Fri 5/2, 7:00 PM @ Melwood
Director: Sushrut Jain
Country: India
Film Made: 2013
Film Screened: 2014
Runtime: 97 minutes

Beyond All BoundariesWhether you’re a dedicated fan or have never seen a moment of cricket in your life, Beyond All Boundaries will captivate you until the final frame. As co-hosts of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, India became the focal point of a sport worshipped by many around the globe. The intensity of cricket fans in India is comparable to the American love of football, and was fueled further by the nation’s 28-year title drought. Beyond All Boundaries tells the remarkable tale of the 2011 World Cup through the lens of Indian citizens, focusing primarily on three intriguing people involved with cricket in very different ways.

Made famous by his intricate body paint and memorable haircut, Sudhir is a fan that has devoted his life to supporting the national cricket team. Despite relying solely on a bicycle for transportation, over the course of the past eight years Sudhir has attended every match the national team has played. His support has not gone unnoticed by Sachin Tendulkar and other stars of the sport, yet Sudhir’s passion is not without its costs. Beyond All Boundaries does not shy away from examining the strains on Sudhir’s family, education, and health as a result of his passion for the game.

14-year-old Prithvy nearly matches Sudhir in dedication, though as a cricket prodigy rather than a fan. Playing with men nearly twice his age, Prithvy has already made a name for himself on the national scene, but he—and his father—both aspire for more success. At the center of Prithvy’s story is the relationship he has with his father, which can swing from loving to contentious at any moment. Though it’s clear he has his son’s best interests in mind, the struggle between parent and child that materializes is a universal issue that is put under critical examination in the context of sport.

Akshaya has similar aspirations, but as a woman her path to success is much narrower. She is undoubtedly skilled as a cricket player and demonstrates a genuine love for the game, but her tumultuous home life becomes a constant threat in her quest to make the cut for the U-19 women’s national team. Despite these hurdles she seems poised to compete for a roster spot before receiving some devastating news just days before her last opportunity to tryout for the team.

Skillfully weaving together three distinct storylines, Beyond All Boundaries thoughtfully contrasts the struggles of a nation with the hardships faced by individuals in a way that is accessible for audiences of all backgrounds.

Beyond All Boundaries