February Fun

February Fun

Chinese New Year at the Children’s Museum

Once again, Silk Screen will be celebrating the Chinese New Year at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh! Join us Sunday, February 7 to celebrate the Year of the Monkey! Silk Screen favorite Mimi Jong will be there with some of her talented musical friends to perform traditional instruments and engage the children in lively discussions about music, as will our buddies from the talented Steel Dragon Lion Dance team. Children in attendance are invited to join the dance team as they parade through the museum! While you’re at the museum, remember to take a beat to check out the stellar Voyage to Vietnam exhibit, which Silk Screen interns Lillie and Yahui memorably profiled in November!

Click here for more info.


Wendelin Grey Essay Contest

wendelin_fnSilk Screen friend and author Wendelin Grey is directing a book club-like reading guide for the Literati Corner selection The Tale of Genji, a doorstop of a novel by Murasaki Shikibu. She’s divided the book into sections that she’ll review as people read along. Following the conclusion of the story, Grey is holding an essay contest on themes explored in the book. The contest is open to everyone and the winner will be published on Grey’s blog. In addition, the winner will receive a signed copy of her horror novel The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak and a set of the Four Treasures, a significant milestone in Chinese culture. Entries should be no longer than 25 pages and submitted to icepinepalace@yahoo.com by August 31.

Check out the information and guidelines here.


Silk Screen Recommendations


BOOK: Chance Meetings: Stories About Cross-Cultural Karmic Collisions and Compassion  by Madhu Bazaz Wangu

chance_fnFrom Amazon: “In this eloquent collection of stories, twelve different people from different walks of life discover how one chance meeting with a stranger can change a person forever. Drawing from her own Indian-American heritage, Madhu Bazaz Wangu examines the lives of ordinary people facing challenging circumstances—cruelty, prejudiced minds, twisted family relationships, unhappy marriages—and demonstrates how these situations transcend ethnicity and background as interactions with strangers force each character to look deep within themselves, often acknowledging painful truths and long-held secrets, in order to seize control of their own destinies and forge their own paths to independence and happiness.”

Available from Amazon.


FILM: Theeb  directed by Naji Abu Nowar (Jordan/Qatar/UAE)

theeb_fnIf you’re familiar with the title, that’s because Theeb was the opening film of the 2015 Silk Screen Festival. But we’re celebrating it again now because it was just nominated for an Academy Award! Nominations for the 88th Academy Awards were announced January 14 and Theeb snagged a nom for Best Foreign Language Film, making history as the first ever Jordanian Oscar nomination!

For a quick refresher, here’s the description from our 2015 Program Book: “Theeb and his older brother Hussein are members of a Bedouin tribe in the Arabian Desert. It is 1916 and the world around them is in drastic upheaval. For the Bedouins though, life remains largely unchanged. That is until they encounter a British soldier in need of guides to lead him to a strategic destination. Bedouin customs inform Hussein’s decision to help the soldier and Theeb decides to tag along for an adventure. During their voyage, Theeb and fellow travelers face much peril, both natural and man-made. For Theeb, what begins as an adventure quickly turns into a lesson in survival. He is forced to grow up quickly or be at the mercy of the Arabian Desert. This classic adventure tale is at once inventive and engaging. Director Naji Abu Nowar’s multi-award winner evokes both the terrifying elegance of the desert and the slow-growing menace brought about as worlds inevitably collide.”

Available from Amazon.


MUSIC: Heartbeat by G.E.M.

gem_fnThrowing a curve ball here, you should check out Hong Kong singer-songwriter G.E.M’s fifth studio album, Heartbeat. The 24-year-old, born Gloria Tang Tsz-kei, is part Taylor Swift, part Katy Perry, part her own unique blend of Asian pop frothiness. The music isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s a fun listen—upbeat and full of passionate lyrics. The title track melody borrows slightly from modern EDM and boasts an interesting east-west pop fusion. G.E.M. is an acronym for “Everybody Get Moving,” and who can argue with that?

Available for purchase from Amazon and streaming on iTunes.


Travel Spotlight: Tower Running, Taipei 101

Have you conquered the art of marathon running, scaled K2, completed an open water swim, and taipei_fnnow you’re looking for a new challenge? Or are you just a bit of a fitness lunatic who will try most anything? Then the sport of Tower Running is for you! Perhaps its not as much of an extreme sport as I’ve just assumed, but it seems like something that I would view more as punishment and less as fun. To each his own though. If you’re looking for an Asian vacation with a grueling interlude, then carry on my friend.

Tower Running is as simple as it sounds: Competitors literally run up the internal staircases of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. Prizes are pretty lucrative, usually several thousand dollars and there’s even a “World Cup” event for the best competitors. Taipei 101 in Taiwan, is the world’s most difficult tower running challenge with an ascent of 91 stories, a vertical height of 390 meters and a total of 2046 steps. Current record holders for the race up the Taipei 101 are Paul Crake of Australia with a time of 10 minutes, 29 seconds, and Andrea Mayr of Austria with a time of 12 minutes, 38 seconds. Time to start training if you think you’ve got the grit and quad strength to beat them!


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2015: The Home Stretch!

2015: The Home Stretch!


Holiday Sale
Don’t forget to shop our Holiday Sale for some last minute gifts! We still have some amazing items in stock including the gorgeous miniature paintings and fun t-shirts. The sale ends December 15 so hurry up and get shopping!

Festival of Nations

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.15.11 PMIt’s never too early to start making plans for spring! As we gear up for a long, cold winter (unless
current temperature trends hold, that is!), it’s nice to think about making plans for the spring. Next March is the 8th Annual Festival of Nations at the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center. The festival is a celebration of unity and diversity, bringing together many nationalities with food, dance and music. The event is brought together with some serious hard work by Silk Screen friends Juginder and Dolly Luthra. Juginder and Dolly frequently travel the hour to Pittsburgh for Silk Screen events, so let’s return the favor and head out to Weirton for a day of cultural fun! If you are interested in attending, please email Juginder Luthra at dolgin1968@gmail.com.

What:              8th Annual Festival of Nations

When:             Saturday March 19, 2016

Where:           Weirton Milsop Community Center

Time:              11AM—4PM


Silk Screen Recommends…

benjamin field trilogyBook: Benjamin’s Field Trilogy by J.J. Knights

The Benjamin’s Field trilogy follows a rural farm family over the course of sixty years through war, peace, triumph, tragedy, heartbreak and finally happiness. This emotional and heartwarming story with an unexpected ending examines the role of family loyalty versus individual need, personal liberty and how it relates to society’s demands, religious prejudice, racism, intolerance and the overwhelming need for humans to forgive one another.

The publication “Reader’s Favorite” recently awarded a 5-star review to the first book of the trilogy, Benjamin’s Field: Rescue.

Available for purchase from Amazon.

Visit http://jknights.com to learn more about the author, who is a long time Silk Screen friend and supporter!
tibetan singing bowlsMusic: Tibetan Singing Bowls: Journey Through the 7 Chakras

By Music for Deep Meditation

The holidays are fast approaching and we here at Silk Screen know how hectic and stressful this time of year can be so for this month’s music recommendation, we thought we would share with you something to help break through your astronomical levels of stress and allow you to find some zen, even if it’s just for the length of the album. Music for Deep Meditation has a number of albums to keep you chilled out, but we thought this one was particularly special. Tibetan singing bowls have long been believed to hold special healing powers due to the meditative trance it inspires in its listeners. Take a moment for YOU.   Unwind and relax with this meditative music!

Available from iTunes and Amazon.


Movie: Infernal Affairs (2002) directed by Andrew Lau & Alan MakInfernal Affairs

You are probably familiar with the 2006 film The Departed with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, perhaps best known for being THE film to finally score legendary director Martin Scorsese his first elusive directing Oscar, but what you may not know was that the film was actually adapted from the Hong Kong Film Infernal Affairs which tells pretty much the same story, substituting a Chinese triad for the Boston Mob. The thriller follows a young police officer sent undercover into the triad while simultaneously the triad has sent a member of its own to be a mole in the police. If you love The Departed (and let’s be serious, who doesn’t?!), you’ll absolutely want to see the original version of the film!

Available from Netflix and Amazon.


skiing japanTravel Spotlight

I don’t know about you, but when I think of stellar skiing destinations, Japan has never been on my list. I think of Whistler, Innsbruck and Telluride—maybe St. Anton in Austria or Meribel in france. Possibly I’ve been living under a rock, or possibly Japan’s ski resorts are the best-kept secret in all of winter sports.

Thanks in part to being the host of the 1998 Nagano Olympics, Japan’s skiing profile has only grown. The country boasts some of the best back-country, deep powder skiing in the world. Hakuba is a resort with some of the steepest runs in the country, but there are so many others with just as much to offer.

Also thanks to the Nagano Olympics, Japan’s ski resorts have quite nice infrastructure and tourist facilities…not to mention buzzing nightlife! Here’s the best part: you don’t even have to plan yourself! Inside Japan has a selection of winter sports travel packages ranging from fully structured and guided to self-guided ski adventures.

Visit www.insidejapantours.com to plan your next great ski excursion!!


Happy Holidays from everyone at Silk Screen!!

Intern Adventures: Voyage to Vietnam at the Children’s Museum

Intern Adventures: Voyage to Vietnam at the Children’s Museum

Intern Adventures: Voyage to Vietnam at the Children’s Museum

A few weeks ago, two of our Silk Screen interns, Lillie Rana and Yahui Wen, visited the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh’s North Side to check out the new exhibit on Vietnamese culture for the upcoming Tet Festival. Here is their story!


On the last Friday in October, we took a trip to the North Side to visit the Children’s Museum. The museum currently has an exhibit on traditional Vietnamese culture partially to coincide with the upcoming Tet Festival. The Tet Festival in one of the most important holidays celebrated in Vietnam and it takes place around the time of the Chinese New Year.

effyThe exhibit helps give visitors an inside glimpse at everyday life in Vietnam. It includes a set up
of a kitchen, dining area, market, and family shrine. From the start, it’s clear to see just how different and beautiful the Vietnamese culture is to our own, and the Children’s Museum did an amazing job of capturing all of the tiniest details. Children are able to experience the different cooking and eating utensils, the unique foods and different cultural aspects. Each part of the exhibit has a small description in English, Spanish and Vietnamese to help everyone understand the traditions, values, and daily experiences of people living in Vietnam, and discover similarities and differences among the lives of children in the U.S. and in Vietnam.

The second part of the exhibit focuses on the Tet Festival itself. Visitors are invited to create their own fireworks display and learn what it feels like to be part of the traditional Lion Dance. The Lion Dance was adopted from Chinese culture but adapted with many characteristics special to Vietnam. The dance is meant to ward off evil spirits and is often accompanied by martial artists and acrobatics.

kitchenIn addition to the Lion Dance, visitors can attempt a crossing of a traditional bamboo bridge, but warning!—it was difficult! You can shop at an outdoor market, watch a water puppet show to learn all about Vietnamese legends, play unique instruments like a moon flute or a zither and play a giant board game!

We had a wonderful time pretending for a few hours that we were kids and we actually learned quite a few things in the process. The exhibit is a truly unique and valuable experience and we encourage anyone with children to make a visit to the Children’s Musuem a priority this winter to experience this amazing exhibit. We also want to extend a special thanks to Zena Ruiz, the Program Manager at the Children’s Museum for her hospitality and an excellent tour!

-Lillie & Yahui

Go to pittsburghkids.org to read more about the exhibit and plan your visit!



News & Stuff[ing]: November in a Nutshell

News & Stuff[ing]: November in a Nutshell

Harish to Speak at TEDxYouth

tedtalkSilk Screen’s own Harish Saluja has been chosen to present at the TEDxYouth Event in Shadyside! TEDxYouth uses the TED conference as a guideline, but is a fully independent event, organized by local students to bring together innovative ideas.

Harish is one of eleven speakers. Other speakers include Pittsburgh-born actress Gillian Jacobs, who you may recognize as Britta from NBC’s late comedy Community or Mimi-Rose on HBO’s Girls; Dervla McDonnell, who will representing the local non-profit Future Tenant, and 4Moms co-founder and CTO Henry Thorne.

The event begins at 10:00AM and runs through the late afternoon. Refreshments and buffet-style lunch are included in the price of your $35.00 ticket.

Click here to purchase tickets and to learn more about the event, other presenters, and the organization.


Intern Adventures: Voyage to Vietnam at the Children’s Museumlillieandeffy

A few weeks ago, two of our Silk Screen interns, Lillie Rana and Yahui Wen, visited the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh’s North Side to check out the new exhibit on Vietnamese culture for the upcoming Tet Festival. The exhibit gives visitors a fully immersive, interactive glance at everyday life in Vietnam. Lillie and Yahui tried all the cool exhibits including shopping at a replica outdoor market, attempting to cross a bamboo bridge, trying their hand at a traditional lion dance and much much more!

Click here to learn all about Lillie and Yahui’s unique experience and then be sure to take the special children in your life on a Voyage to Vietnam!


Holiday Flash Sale!

IMG_2076Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Look no further than the Silk Screen Holiday Flash Sale! Tons of your fave SS merchandise is spectacularly discounted and we want YOU to have it!! Items include new and vintage Silk Screen t-shirts, Harish’s one-of-a-kind miniature contemporary art and tons of other amazing stuff!! The sale is on-going though December 1, but supplies are limited so hurry and get yours!

Click here to shop the sale!


Silk Screen Recommends…

new old worldBook: New Old World by Pallavi Aiyar

Best known for her documentation of the rise of China, Pallavi Aiyar moves to Brussels and offers a unique perspective on Europe’s first-world crisis by examining the financial challenges Europe faces. Aiyar takes her readers on an exciting journey across the continent and introduces them to an array of individuals.

Available for purchase from Amazon.


Music: Mustt Musttmust-must

Released in 1990, Mustt Mustt is the first Qawwali fusion album that is a collaboration between artists Nusrat Fateh Ali Kan and Michael Brook.

Available for purchase from Amazon.


: The Apu Trilogy

A restoration of Satyajit Ray’s cinematic brilliance is reconstructed again after two decades. The Apu Trilogy helped to propel India into its golden age of film. These three brilliant films focus on the life of a spirited child in rural Bengal and is based on two books written by Bibhutibhusan Banerjee.

Available for purchase from Amazon.


Travel Spotlight: Singapore Flyer Sky DiningFaber-Peak-Sky-Dining-Cable-Car

One of the most exciting parts of travelling to a new destination is experiencing the traditional cuisine. In Singapore, you can enjoy traditional food and have a unique experience while doing it! Singapore Sky Dining provides a 4 course meal, butler service and gives you amazing views of the city skyline while you dine. You and your party are seated at a table in one of the spacious capsules atop Asia’s largest Giant Observation Wheel. They even have special menus for seasons and festivals!

This amazing experience does come at a price though! It costs approximately $269 per couple to dine in the clouds, but the experience will prove to be worth the splurge. Follow the link to check out their website, view the menus and dinner schedules.





Silk Screen Holiday Flash Sale!!

Silk Screen Holiday Flash Sale!!

The sale has been EXTENDED!!  Woo!  Keep shopping for that perfect holiday gift until December 15!!

Welcome to the merchandise extravaganza! We have so much cool stuff that we want YOU to have! Silk Screen merch is perfect holiday gifts or as a treat for yourself as you gear up for long hours at the mall this season. Supplies are limited, so get things while they’re still available!

We’ve put some major discounts on things already in our merch store and added a few new items we think you’ll dig. And, BONUS: All orders over $50 will receive a Silk Screen moth window cling! (While supplies last of course – sorry, you knew that was coming)

Links to the corresponding items are embedded in the titles of each item (with the exception of the Vintage Mixed Bag where the links are within the descriptions).  Each link will take you directly to that item in our merchandise store.  Easy peasy!!

Ready?  Okay….SHOP!!




2015 Ombre Moth T-shirt

This year’s festival t-shirts are cozy soft fabric with an on-trend ombre design of our moth logo. Sizes M-XL available.



IMG_2037Vintage Mixed Bag

We have a smorgasbord of old designs hanging around waiting for a loving home. From the red moth on black background to the cool origami film bird shirts (in yellow and gray), to the much loved “I [moth] Film” shirts, grab one of these and harken to days of Silk Screen past.


IMG_2032Me and My Baby

Can you even stand how cute it would be to match your littlest companion in complementary Silk Screen gear? Too cute. It’s too cute to handle.





“I Can’t Read Subtitles” Onesie

Even if you aren’t currently in possession of an infant, baby stuff is adorable to hold.




Sun Gate

Listen to the gorgeous strains of Silk Sound, our fabulous Asian fusion jazz band on their critically acclaimed debut album Sun Gate.


IMG_2049Miniature Painting

Have you ever wanted to own one of Silk Screen executive director Harish Saluja’s paintings, but just couldn’t make your checking account cry? Now is the perfect opportunity to grab one (or more!) of these babies at this deliciously discounted price! Each one is a delightful surprise design and all are one-of-a-kind.



INTRODUCING: The Mounted Mini!

You already love Harish’s contemporary miniature paintings; now say hello to the same paintings mounted on pristine white matting and set behind clear plastic. Supplies are very limited so you’ll want to jump on this great offer!




IMG_2058The Ultimate Silk Screen Package

It’s never too early to start prepping for next year’s film festival (September 2016, remember?!), so stock up on ALL OF THE THINGS Silk Screen with our Limited Edition “Ultimate” Package. It’s got everything a dedicated SS fan could want—or everything to entice your favorite person to become a SS junkie!



Two by Two

If you’re an equal opportunity friend, what better way to show your symmetry than by giving BOTH of your favorite people the Silk Screen treatment with an ombre moth shirt and a miniature painting each?



You Choose Two

Choose from two of any of the following: ombre moth shirt, mini painting, mounted mini painting or Silk Sound album to create your own custom gift package.  (Be sure to follow the instructions about sending an email with your t-shirt size preference!)

You Choose Three

If you can’t possibly choose only three, but aren’t quite ready to commit to the “Ultimate,” then this custom package is the perfect compromise.

Seeing Double

Two one-of-a-kind miniature paintings from Harish Saluja’s private collection.

Triple Threat

Three miniature paintings!

Mini-Lover’s Delight

Try to contain yourself on this one….Six unique mini paintings!!


(All mini paintings are chosen at random and cannot be previewed before purchasing. We wish we could let you choose but we would have to live at the scanner for three days just to get them all on the website!)

As always, THANK YOU for your continued support of Silk Screen!