Encore Screening of Crow’s Egg, Audience Award Winner!

Encore Screening of Crow’s Egg, Audience Award Winner!

See Crow’s Egg, winner of the 2015 Silk Screen Film Festival RAGS Audience Award!

A special encore screening has been arranged. Tickets are $12 and available online here or at the theater before the screening.


Saturday Aug 8th, 2:30 pm
Regent Square Theater
Runtime: 99 minutes
Light reception

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Just outside the slums of Chennai, a new pizza shop opens. Two impoverished boys, Big Crow’s Egg and Little Crow’s Egg,decide that what they want most in the world is to try a bite of pizza. Getting their hands on the pizza proves to be a more difficult challenge than the boys ever expected. On a classic hero’s quest (for pizza) the friends persist against the odds in order to simply experience childhood.

Shenanigans and hilarity ensue. But there is something more profound going on in this narrative. Once the boys seemingly reach their goal, they are smacked by the full reality of their situation. With endearing performances from the two young leads, Crow’s Egg is far more than light-hearted childhood reminiscence.

Language: Tamil with English subtitles

Content Advisory: Some language, crude humor

Festivals and Awards: Winner-Golden Lotus Award for Best Children’s Film and the Silver Lotus Award for Best Child Artist, National Film Awards in India; Toronto International Film Festival; Dubai International Film Festival; Sydney Film Festival

2015 Silk Screen Red Carpet Gala Photos

2015 Silk Screen Red Carpet Gala Photos

Find your photo!

See them all at: https://silkscreenfestival2015.shutterfly.com/

Thank to photographer Kathy Dax and a special thanks to all our performers, guests and staff!




Silk Screen Featured on WESA

Silk Screen Featured on WESA

Mark Nootbar interviewed Silk Screen Founder Harish Saluja recently on his program.

Listen here: http://wesa.fm/post/silk-screen-marks-10-years-celebrating-asian-film

“Asia is defined like it used to be defined when you were in high school, which is starting with Turkey all the way to Japan,” said Silk Screen Executive Director Harish Saluja. “That includes Israel and India and Afghanistan and Pakistan … In fact our opening film this year is called Theeb which is from Jordan and UAE (United Arab Emirates).”

A Few Favorites – May ’15 Newsletter

A Few Favorites – May ’15 Newsletter


MAY 2015

Mark your calendar for the 10th annual Silk Screen Film Festival! 
July 10-19, 2015
Festival Events:
Gala: Thursday, July 9
Opening Night: Friday, July 10
Closing Night: Sunday, July 19
Don’t forget!


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Remember to purchase your tickets to our Launch Party fundraiser!  We’ve decided that in light of the recent earthquake in Nepal, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to Sir Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan Trust, an organization that has launched a Rebuild Appeal to help rebuild the Solukumbu communities around Mount Everest destroyed by the earthquake.
What:     10th Anniversary Film Festival Launch Party
When:    Tuesday, June 9
Where:  Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery
                3212A Smallman Street, Strip District
Tickets: $25 Advance / $30 Door
The 10th annual film festival is right around the corner!  Come prepare yourself for the festivities with a sneak peek at few of this year’s films and some of the most delicious cocktails in Pittsburgh!
Join Silk Screen as we partner with Maggie’s Farm for a launch party that promises exciting peeks at some of the films lined up for the 2015 festival, light fare from local restaurants, and a raffle in which you are automatically entered to win a bottle of Maggie’s rum!  There will be a cash bar with Maggie’s signature specialty cocktails, a Chinese auction of gift cards from local restaurants and the opportunity to purchase gala and select film festival tickets in advance!
Tickets are limited, so hurry and grab yours!  Click here to purchase tickets.


Silk Sound in the Post-Gazette!
“East meets West and ancient meets contemporary in Silk Sound, an ensemble that fuses Asian music and jazz,” wrote Adrian McCoy in an article published last month in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  McCoy praised the unique sounds of “Sun Gate” in a lovely article about the band and its varied members, pulling quotes from Silk Sound musicians.
“The songs on “Sun Gate” are a mix of ancient traditional music — some dating back to the third century — and compositions by Mr. Chatterjee,” McCoy explained.  “The title track refers to the last stop for travelers leaving China on the Silk Road (…).”  
Follow the link to view the full Post-Gazette article.
“Sun Gate” is available for download from Amazon and iTunes, as well as directly from Silk Screen


Yanlai Dance Academy Chinese Nutcracker

What:     Chinese Nutcracker  

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When:    Saturday, May 9
                7:00 PM
Where:   Byham Theater
                101 6th Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Silk Screen is excited to promote The Chinese Nutcracker performance by the Yanlai Dance Academy.  The Chinese Nutcracker borrows from the general storyline and music of the famous Nutcracker ballet and infuses it with original music, customs, costumes, traditions and dances of China.  The dance is centered around the story of little Yuanyuan and her family on the Chinese New Year.   
It is sure to be an excellent performance, so purchase your tickets now from the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
The Yanlai Dance Academy has extended three special promotional codes for tickets:
Special2 – $25.75 Adult / $15.75 Child
3Special – $20.75 Adult / $15.75 Child  (Must purchase 5 or more more tickets)
GroupDiscount – $18.75 Adult / $15.75 Child (Must purchase 10 or more tickets)
Travel Spotlight: Lou Guan Tai, China
When most people mention Xi’an, it’s usually to speak about the famous Terracotta Warrior statues found in the tomb of China’s first Emperor, Qin Shi Huang Di. While the Terracotta Warriors are majestic and impressive, they’re not the only thing Xi’an has to offer.
The Giant Panda is an animal with which we are all very familiar, but it has been sadly been battling extinction. If you’re a lover of animals and desire a once-in-a-lifetime experience of being up close and personal with the Giant Panda, Xi’an is for you!
Image via.
The Lou Guan Tai Wild Animal Protection Centre houses many vulnerable and endangered species including he Giant Panda, the Golden-Haired Monkey and the Takin (a kind of goat-antelope). The Lou Guan Tai Center affords dedicated travelers the opportunity to feed and care for the Giant Pandas every day in a preservation setting.  Keeping the pandas happy and healthy helps promote breeding, so you’ll be assisting their climb away from the endangered list!  You may even be asked to assist in research!
Lou Guan Tai village is a quick 1.5 hours from Xi’an.  While in Lou Guan Tia, you can learn about local Chinese culture and cuisine.
The Lou Guan Tai Centre accepts only volunteers (not visitors) and extended tours (about 2 weeks), but the commitment is well worth the warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll get knowing you’ve helped preserve an endangered animal (an adorable endangered animal!). You can schedule a tour through Real Gap or Trip Advisor.
The Lou Guan Tai Centre is easily accessible by bus. There is a 60-90 minute bus reide from Fengqinglu Bus Station (also know as Shuisi Bus Station) that goes directly to the Center. You may also take the Huan Shan Tour Bus No.1 from the North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

Silk Screen Recommends

Book: Train to Pakistan

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by Kushwant Singh
Train to Pakistan tells the story of Manu Majra, a remote village in Pakistan which has for years been spared the horrors of religious fighting.  Here, all the religions co-exist peacefully until one day a train arrives bearing the bodies of thousands of refugees.  The people of Manu Majra are suddenly forced to face the realities of the religious wars.  A simultaneous love story between  a Sikh boy and a Muslim girl unfolds and attempts to transcend the realities of war and violence.
Film: Midnight’s Children
directed by Deepa Mehta
This winner of multiple Genie Awards (Canada’s Oscars) was the opening film of the 2013 Silk Screen Film Festival.  It was adapted from the Saman Rushdie Booker Prize-winning 1981 bestseller.  
Midnight’s Children follows the lives of Saleem and Shiva, two babies born at the stroke of Indian independence from Britain.  Throughout their lives, the two are mysteriously intertwined with each other and with the very history of India.  Bursting with magical realism and twists of fate, Midnight’s Children is worth every bit of praise it garnered.

Music: Ragas

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by Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan
This 1973 release features a collaboration between India’s greatest sitar player and a master sarod player.  The album boasts a unique sound, showcasing classical Indian music in 1960s America.
All three selections are available at Silk Screen’s Amazon Store. Follow this link to make your purchase!

Silk Sound Album Review – Post Gazette

Silk Sound Album Review – Post Gazette

Check out the Post Gazette’s coverage of Silk Sound’s Sun Gate! Don’t forget to buy a cd or download the Sun Gate album today.

Here’s a sample:

“The songs on “Sun Gate” are a mix of ancient traditional music — some dating back to the third century — and compositions by Mr. Chatterjee. The title track refers to the last stop for travelers leaving China on the Silk Road, and the melody is that of a Qing Dynasty song. “Bilawal,” written by Mr. Chatterjee, is a reworking of a classic raga that symbolizes the energy of the late morning sun.

Mr. Chatterjee approached the project from a philosophical point of view as much as a musical one. “We are one race, sharing this planet with different appearances, different languages, different approaches to life. But those differences are all very superficial,” he said.

“We all talk about music as being a universal language. The proper realization of that can happen only when you know the language, you have interest in knowing the language and understand what it signifies.”

Creating a successful combination of classic Indian raga and jazz requires careful thought, he said. “A proper understanding can help you to fuse these two elements properly. When you’re fusing anything, you need to understand the basic properties of the thing you are fusing. Without that understanding, many of those attempts have failed musically.”