Our mission is to celebrate diversity and multi-cultural appreciation of the Asian and Asian American experience through cultural events.

Silk Screen was created in June 2005 as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit media arts organization. Silk Screen’s goals include educating communities about Asian and Asian American history, culture, experiences and issues, fostering understanding across lines of race, ethnicity, religion, age, and region, and sustaining growth and encouraging excellence in Asian American culture.



Harish Saluja is a filmmaker, artist and entrepreneur. His film The Journey (www.newray.com) won several awards, screened at more than 30 film festivals and was distributed by IFC (the Independent Film Channel). He also has a strong business background as a 33-year veteran in the publishing industry. In addition, he is a nationally recognized painter and a co-host of Music From India on WDUQ-FM, the longest running radio program of its kind in the US.



Kirsten Strayer is a film scholar and critic who has written and curated for several festivals, including the Imagine Science Film Festival in NYC. She has written on Mexican cinema, digital television, Bollywood, and the state of global cinema today. 



Aseem Chhabra is a freelance writer in New York City who writes on a variety of topics, including arts, entertainment, social and political issues stories. He has been published in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Courier-Journal. Aseem has been interviewed on film and popular culture by several media outlets, including ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline, NPR, Associated Press, Reuters, The Los Angeles Times and New York Daily News.

Aseem is an elected member of the board of the South Asian Journalists Association where he often chairs panel discussions on social and political issues, hosts book reading events and other arts discussions. He holds an MS degree in Journalism from Columbia University and an MBA from Boston University.



Nitin Badjatia is a software and financial services consultant who has worked for Mellon, Bank of America, Oracle Corporation, and Siebel Systems. At present he is Director, Global Services for KNOVA Software, a leading knowledge management vendor. Nitin is also deeply involved in the ‘blogosphere’ and serves as an advisor to AOL’s Netscape.com subsidiary. He also serves on the advisory board of Agilix Software, and Microsoft’s Mobile Advisory Council.



Mimi has been performing erhu since age eleven. Mimi performed with members of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, jazz and folk musicians, taught and performed at Huntingdon Council for the Arts “Folk College”.  Mimi also performed with erhu virtuoso Karen Han, Pipa virtuoso Min Xiao Fen, and renowned poet Huang Xiang.  Mimi founded “Jasmine Dynasty”, introducing Chinese dance and music to schools in Western Pennsylvania.  She co-founded “AppalAsia”, creating a unique musical voice using erhu, dulcimer, banjo. See Mimi performing for Silk Screen here.

Board of Directors

Dr. Vijay Bahl, M.D., President
Head of Endocrinology, UPMC
Atul Bansal
CEO, TimeSys
Ned Renzi, Treasurer
Partner, Birchmere Ventures
Harish Saluja, Executive Director
President, New Ray Films
James Singer, Solicitor
Fox Rothschild LLP


Advisory Board Members

Saroj Bahl, President, Indian Nationality Room
Jacqueline Edmondson, Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer, PSU Greater Allegheny Katie Gancy, Waterworks Cinema
Tracy Grajewski, Global Co-Leader, Human Resources Practice, Boyden
Mahnaz Harrison, NHA, Honorary Consul, Embassy of Georgia
Richard Heiser, Managing Director, Employment Law, FedEx
Lynn Kawaratani, Associate Director, Asian Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh          Jeff Letwin, Attorney, Saul Ewing LLP
Aparna Nemlekar, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Bill Peduto, Mayor, Pittsburgh
Kim Ravenda, Regional Marketing & Communications Mgr., Huntington National Bank Samantha Stedford, Senior Analyst, Allegheny County Airport Authority                                Erika Strassburger, Pittsburgh City Council
Ming-Na Wen, Actress
Sally Wiggin, Anchor, WTAE-TV


Organizing Committee

Aseem Chhabra, Film Programming
Jennifer Dunn, Gala
Mimi Jong, Music Programming
Bill Krowinski, Designer

Film Programming Committee

Aseem Chhabra - Programming Director
Sereny Welsby- Programming Assistant
Michael Bagnato
Jeffrey Heinzel
Casey Jablonka
James Kamerer
Corey Kincaid
Lindy Leong
Haisong Li
Kevin Lovelace
Alison Malehorn
Holly Schweitzer
Michele Staffen


Volunteers Coord. & hospitality mgr.

Holly Schweitzer


Gala Committee

Katie Altieri
Wendy Duchene                                                                              Coleman Fish                                                                                  Shree Kumar                                                                                    Rowena Lavador
Jennifer Marino
Allison McLachlan                                                                   Leilani Mears                                                                                    
Becky Quemado                                                                              Michele Staffen                                                                                Annie Tamburro                                                                               Bernard Voos



Noori Chishti - Content Writer                                        Benjamin Hoover - Film, Video & PR                                      Daniel Richardson - Programming                                      Morgan Ream - Graphic Design                                      Charolette Scurlock - Content & Marketing